Criminal Law

Criminal Law

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You’ve Come to the Right Place – RSC’s Programs are the Gold Standard in Canada

“Many Ontario judges have relied upon Recovery Science Corporation …I too am prepared to do so, and consider it to be a significant element of the release plan.” Ontario Court of Appeal, Trotter JA, in a 2018 release  pending appeal of conviction for first degree murder.

Our monitoring has been included in over 800 pre-trial releases across the country, making RSC the largest and most widely accepted private monitoring program in Canada.

Use our GPS, house arrest, or alcohol monitoring programs to strengthen a plan of supervision for bail, conditional sentence, probation, parole, or in serious alcohol-related cases, to create a record of sobriety for sentence mitigation.

Our programs do not require a landline or a site visit. We provide counsel with court-ready written materials and can assist in identifying relevant case law.