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"Many Ontario judges have relied upon Recovery Science Corporation …I too am prepared to do so, and consider it to be a significant element of the release plan”

– Ontario Court of Appeal, Trotter JA,
in a decision granting release pending appeal of a conviction for first degree murder

With over 800 releases across Canada, our programs are known as the gold standard for strengthening a bail plan of supervision and increasing the likelihood of release in difficult cases.

We offer GPS, radio-frequency and alcohol monitoring.  We can help you and your lawyer choose the form of monitoring that is best suited for your situation. Some key things to know about participating in our programs:

  • the person to be monitored, or someone on their behalf,  is responsible for all costs.
  • no site visit or landline is required.
  • in bail hearings, courts consider the risks that an accused person, if released, (a) will not show up for court; (b) will commit further offences; or (c) their release would undermine public confidence in the administration of justice. These are known as the primary, secondary, and tertiary grounds. Courts have found that RSC monitoring can help address concerns on each of these three grounds.
  • when an accused person has been detained at an initial bail hearing, adding RSC monitoring to the supervision plan has been found, depending on the facts of the case, to be a material change that can lead a reviewing court to grant pre-trial release.
  • when RSC provides information for the court or testifies at a hearing, we do so as a neutral fact witness – we do not assess or state any view about whether a specific accused person meets the legal tests for pre-trial release.
  • to participate in our programs, the person to be monitored is required to sign a comprehensive waiver enabling us to share information openly with police, the Crown and the court.
  • we cooperate fully with law enforcement authorities, tailoring reporting protocols on a case by case basis in accordance with their preferences and instructions.
  • beyond reporting violations, we offer law enforcement officers a range of options for receiving information from us, including regular compliance reports, proactive reporting of irregular activity, surveillance assistance, crime scene correlation, on demand current or historical location information, and direct access to our GPS monitoring software.
  • we will provide the Crown with evidence to support a revocation, breach or variation proceeding at no cost to the Crown, including expert testimony if required.
  • we provide counsel with court-ready written material for use at bail hearings and are available to testify if required either in person or remotely by telephone or video.
  • we’ve been involved in over 1200 bail cases and are able to assist counsel in identifying relevant case law.

Available Monitoring Solutions for Bail Cases in Canada

SCRAM GPS Monitoring in Canada

GPS is a powerful tool for promoting compliance, managing risk, and detecting breaches.

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SCRAM House Arrest Monitoring in Canada

Radio-Frequency is a less intensive alternative to GPS for monitoring compliance with house arrest or curfew.

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SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Canada

The SCRAM CAM ankle bracelet tests the wearer for alcohol every 30 minutes, 24/7. It is a powerful and proven tool for promoting sobriety, providing an objective record, and managing risk.

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SCRAM Remote Breath Monitoring in Canada

SCRAM RB is a portable breath testing device with cellular data and facial recognition technology. It enables testing for alcohol on a predetermined schedule and customized delivery of alerts in the event that tests are positive or missed.

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