Child Custody

Child Custody

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Alcohol Monitoring for Child Custody Cases

Concerns about a parent’s alcohol abuse, whether admitted or denied, can bog down a child custody case. Our alcohol monitoring program can help break that logjam, providing an alternative to supervised access and/or a way of proving that alcohol abuse is not a concern.

With Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, the parent whose alcohol consumption is at issue wears a secure anklet that tests their perspiration vapour for alcohol every 30 minutes, 24/7.

With Remote Breath testing, the parent provides breath tests on a set schedule, either multiple times every day or before, during, and after parenting time. Facial recognition confirms it is the parent providing the breath sample.

With both technologies, a reporting protocol is established so that the other parent will know if scheduled tests are missed or if alcohol consumption is detected.

Both technologies also enable a parent who wishes to show that they don’t abuse alcohol to create an objectively documented record of sobriety or responsible drinking patterns.

Motherisk: Tainted Tests & Broken Families

This Fifth Estate episode and the related article include the story of a mother who used Recovery Science’s alcohol monitoring program to refute positive hair tests from the Motherisk Lab – she succeeded in having her children returned to her care.

Available Monitoring Solutions for Child Custody Cases

SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring in Canada

An ankle bracelet that transdermally monitors the wearer for alcohol 24/7.

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SCRAM Remote Breath Monitoring in Canada

A device that works just like a portable roadside breath testing device.

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