Family Cases

  • How much does a parent really drink?
  • How can we verify that this parent is not drinking when the kids are with them?
  • How can I prove that I am not drinking too much?

RSC’s alcohol monitoring options enable parents and children’s aid societies to develop a plan for answering these questions in a fair, respectful, and objective way.

How it Works

With Continuous Alcohol Monitoring, the parent whose alcohol consumption is at issue wears a secure anklet that tests their perspiration vapour for alcohol every 30 minutes, 24/7.

With Remote Breath testing, the parent provides breath tests on a set schedule, either multiple times every day or before, during, and after parenting time. Facial recognition confirms it is the parent providing the breath sample.

Both technologies provide multiple tests per day, do not require travel or disruption to work schedules, and provide timely results.

How it Helps

Monitoring can help a parent keep children in their care, have them returned sooner, move from supervised to unsupervised access, and take a proactive step to prove their sobriety.

We’ve heard from many parents and their lawyers how, before they found out about our programs, they were stuck in an angry stalemate or headed for a long, expensive trial. With our programs, they were able to develop a monitoring plan that suited the circumstances and made both parents feel their concerns were being addressed fairly.

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CAM Installation $150 in GTA, Ottawa, Montreal, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg. In other locations there may be additional costs to cover travel.
CAM Monitoring with ongoing reporting to other parent or CAS $450/month
CAM Sobriety Reports – no ongoing reporting 30 days $360; 60 days $700; 90 days $900
Remote Breath $100 set up, $295/month; custom pricing for less frequent testing (e.g., alternate weekends only).

CAM Installation

Fee: $150

CAM Monitoring with ongoing reporting to other parent or CAS

Fee: $450/month

CAM Monitoring for – Sobriety Reports only – no ongoing reporting

Fee: 30 days $360; 60 days $700; 90 days $850

Remote Breath

Fee: $100 set up, $295/month

HST is added to all fees.

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