Radio-Frequency (RF) for House Arrest/Curfew

Radio-Frequency (RF) for House Arrest/Curfew

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A less intensive alternative to GPS

Electronic Monitoring

Radio-Frequency or RF monitoring is effective for simple monitoring of house arrest or curfew compliance. An ankle bracelet is attached to the individual and a base station is placed in a central location in the residence. The system records all times when the participant leaves the residence and returns to the residence and generates an alert if the individual leaves at an unauthorized time or fails to return when required.

  • Quick, 30-second installation
  • Works in any home, office, or location with electricity
  • Can accommodate authorized leave schedules that are fixed or variable, including surety-accompaniment requirements.
  • Available for use for bail, conditional sentences, and any other form of conditional release anywhere in Canada.

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SCRAM House Arrest Base Station Process
Flexible options ensure anyone can use the SCRAM House Arrest system without the need to install new home communications systems.